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‘Dream Park' for Children With All Abilities Opens Monday in Fort Worth

The new playground has equipment designed to make sure children with special needs can comfortably use it.

Dreams are about to come true for parents across North Texas as the ribbon is cut on a new Dream Park for children of all abilities.

The new playground, which will be housed at Fort Worth’s Trinity Park, is designed to accommodate all children with a special emphasis on children with special needs. A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for noon.

"Playgrounds are required to meet ADA (Americans Disability Act) standards, however those standards just really aren’t enough," Dream Park board member Rachael Churchill said.

The playground equipment is designed to make sure children with special needs can comfortably use it.

Designs include:

-Swings that have hard shells and harnesses for children who need upper body support.

-A large slide designed for children who have cochlear implants and hearing devices. There is no static electricity that could short out devises and implants.

-A seesaw designed for children who are normally in wheelchairs.

"Having a playground where children of all abilities can play together not only is beneficial for children with special needs but as well as able-bodied children," Churchill said. "I feel that there is so much to learn from each other and realize that their differences are not so different."

"So much has been taken away from them. The Dream Park wants to give something back to them and that is the joy of play and the joy of togetherness," co-founder Corrie Watson said.

The park also makes it possible for other family members who have mobility challenges to have greater interactivity with kids at play.

For more information or to make a donation visit: DREAM PARK

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