DPS Warns of False Calls in Red-Light Scam

The Texas Department of Public Safety wants violators to pay their traffic citations but the agency is not making calls about alleged overdue red-light tickets.

DPS on Wednesday warned that scammers have been calling people, demanding credit card and Social Security numbers for immediate payments. The agency says the bogus callers say the alleged violator faces arrest unless the personal information is provided.

The Department of Public Safety does not collect traffic fines or oversee red-light camera enforcement.

"You should never give out personal information over the phone when someone else initiated the call," said Steven C. McCraw, director of DPS in a news release. "If you receive a call like this, you should write down any contact information from the Caller ID, if available, and then contact your local law enforcement agency."

DPS says anyone receiving the fake calls should contact the consumer affairs division of the Texas attorney general's office.

DPS also reminds Texans that the department does not call requesting charitable donations.

“The Department of Public Safety will never solicit financial contributions from private citizens.  DPS is funded by tax dollars and our employees will never call your home or business to solicit donations,” McCraw said. 

If you are contacted by a group you believe is misrepresenting itself as part of the Texas Department of Public Safety, contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-621-0508. 

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