Donate Pajamas, Get Free Haircuts and Much More

At Northwest ISD's Shears of Steele Salon, a haircut costs ten dollars. But if customers bring a gift this holiday season, it's free.

It's part of a program called Pajama Rama, in which donated pajamas are given to children in hospitals and in foster care in the DFW area.

"Originally I just wanted to do something that made a difference," said former student Kyla Harwell, who came up with the idea last year as part of her senior legacy project. The idea, offer free haircuts in exchange for pajamas.

"The first day we had so many people just dropping off stuff," she said.

Part of the inspiration came from tragedy. In the spring, Kyla's cousin died, but before that was cared for at Cook Children's Hospital, one of the recipients of the donated pajamas.

"Children need happiness and to feel normal, because they don't feel normal in the hospital," said Harwell.

Lori Feil created Pajama Rama five years ago. She says the program has collected more than 1,500 pair of pajamas. This year's program in Roanoke will send donations to Cook Children's, and Community Partners of Dallas.

"There have been studies that show kids who are wearing normal clothes and pajamas, it makes them feel less sick," said Feil. "So that's why it's important for them to feel better."

The free haircuts are being offered on three consecutive Tuesdays. The final chance to donate is Tuesday, December 12, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Shears of Steele Salon, located at Steele Accelerated High School in Roanoke.

Harwell was pleasantly surprised her senior legacy project will live on. She admits the response in it's initial year surprised her.

"It made me feel amazing," she said. "It was just so much joy knowing that people want to give. In this crazy world of sadness and hurt, there are people who want to help others."

Helping others and finding the true meaning of the season.

"Receiving gifts is cool," said Harwell. "But the joy that comes from giving to others, that's the best part."

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