Dogs Tested For Rabies After Dallas Attack

Three dogs escaped their owner's yard and attacked a neighbor Saturday

Three dogs are being tested for rabies after they attacked a Dallas man who remains hospitalized.

The attack happened in the 8900 block of Beckley View Avenue in South Dallas Saturday night. Jose Tello said the three dogs, who belong to him, escaped from his yard when a metal gate was left open.

"If you talk to people, my dogs are never out. Never out because we know what we got," Tello said.

Tello said he was a few blocks away when his son called to say the dogs were attacking a neighbor. When Tello arrived minutes later, he said he could see them surrounding his neighbor who was on the ground.

"I tried to run the dog over," Tello said.

Tello said other neighbors tried to pull the dogs off of the neighbor. The City of Dallas said the victim was able to kill one of the dogs, the other two were later captured and euthanized.

That attack comes as the Dallas City Council is set to vote on a new ordinance that would strengthen the punishment for dog owners whose dogs attack. Among other things, owners would be required to muzzle dangerous dogs outside their yard, carry at least $100,000 in liability insurance and could face possible criminal charges if their dogs attack.

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