Daring Jewelry Robbery Caught on Camera

Police have few leads in brazen armed robbery

An Irving jewelry store on MacArthur Boulevard will reopen Wednesday after last week's terrifying robbery.

In the full view of security cameras, seven armed people walked into Tilak Jewelers, with guns drawn, at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

The robbers wore masks and dressed in layers of black clothing. They quickly bound the hands of two employees, then smashed 13 display cases of jewelry. They dumped the jewelry into trash bags before running away.

The group were so quick that police don't know the robbers race, ethnicity or even their genders.

Detectives estimate they got away with $100,000 in jewelry and they're afraid they may strike again.

"With armed offenders like this pulling off such a bold and brazen robbery, the potential for confrontation, or some more serious events, could have taken place," said Detective James McLellan, with the Irving Police Department.

Police think the group may try and pawn the jewelry, or could begin bragging about the robbery to friends.

"We're hoping that somebody out there overheard a discussion or something that may lead us to the identity of the robbers, or business owners like pawn shop owners or jewelry store owners may have information about jewelry taken in from this robbery," McLellan added.

Thankfully the employees were not injured beyond having their hands tied up.

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