Dallas Spraying Tuesday and Wednesday for an Abundance of Mosquitoes

The City of Dallas is rolling out the spray trucks to fight an abundance of mosquitoes that could possibly carry West Nile virus.

The city is spraying Tuesday and Wednesday night in six areas of North Dallas.

  • 10100 block Cromwell - 75229 - Generally bounded by Merrell Road on the north, Webb Chapel Road on the west, Marsh Lane on the east and Walnut Hill Lane on the south.
  • 2900 block of Sundial - 75229 - Generally bounded by Northaven Road on the north, Indian Trail on the west, Caraway Drive on the east and Dothan Lane on the south
  • 11400 block of Park Central - 75230 - Generally bounded by Malabar Lane on the north, Hill Haven Drive on the west, Coit Road on the east and Northaven Road on the south
  • 6100 block of Royal Crest - 75230 - Generally bounded by Meadow Crest Drive on the north, Preston Road on the west, Ricks Circle on the east and Azalea Lane on the south
  • 6900 block of Church Hill Way - 75230 - Generally bounded by Helsem Way on the north, Archdale Drive on the west, Breckenridge Drive on the east and Forest Glen Drive on the south
  • 7000 block Valley View - 75240 - Generally bounded by Kendallwood Drive on the north, Hillcrest Road on the west, Thistle Lane on the east and I-635 (LBJ Freeway) on the south

The city will spray in a quarter mile radius around each of those locations. Trucks start spraying at 9 p.m. each night, residents should avoid being outdoors during spraying.

None of the mosquitoes in these areas have tested positive for West Nile virus, but the city says some of the traps are seeing a higher volume of mosquitoes than normal.

City of Dallas Code Compliance Director Jimmy Martin says certain criteria must be met in order to authorize spraying for mosquitoes. The traps have to capture at least 50 mosquitos and show an increase in mosquitoes for three consecutive tests conducted weekly. In addition, at least half of the mosquitos trapped must be the culex mosquito, the breed known to cause West Nile virus.

Martin says four people tested positive for West Nile last year, but there have been no reported cases in Dallas this year.

The spray is a combination of Duet, a pesticide approved by the EPA, and water. Officials say it is safe, but recommend to avoid direct contact with the pesticide.

North Dallas residents say they've noticed the pesky pests.

"Horrible, horrible mosquitoes," said Leah Beth Kolni, a North Dallas Resident. "Because it was such a warm winter, we have a lot of mosquitoes."

"We can't use our backyard at dusk or in the morning to sit out for coffee. But, when we have company we spray the yard with a garlic-based insecticide, which is more organically sound," she said.

Like Kolni, others in North Dallas are taking prevention into their own hands.

"My mother lives very close to here as well and she has a fountain and we're always adding chlorine tablets or asking her to drain it so it's real important," said Celia Saunders.

To report standing water or mosquito problems Dallas residents should call 3-1-1. For additional information on Mosquito Control visit www.dallascityhall.com.

NBC 5's Jocelyn Lockwood contributed to this report.

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