Dallas Rideshare Driver's Murder Recorded on Dashcam; Passenger Arrested: Police

Investigators say ride share driver's murder captured on his dashcam

NBC 5 News

Court documents obtained by NBC 5 Monday detail the allegations in a grisly murder of a Dallas rideshare driver allegedly killed by his passenger Friday in an attack recorded on dashcam video.

According to Dallas police, 33-year-old ride-share driver Joshua Miller picked up 21-year-old Joshua Emmanuel Scott at about 11 a.m. Friday from the Amazon Fulfillment Center on Southlink Drive where he worked.

Investigators said Miller was recording both audio and video of the ride using a camera mounted inside his car and that as Miller drove Scott to his destination the video showed him pull out a gun and demand that he stop the vehicle.

Miller stopped along the 4100 block of Cleveland Road. Police said Scott then ordered Miller to place his scarf over his face. When Miller complied, Scott put down his gun and pulled out a knife and then tried to cut the driver's throat.

As Miller and Scott struggled, Miller was stabbed multiple times with what police described only as "multiple objects."

While being choked, Miller attempted to drive away but crashed into a nearby structure as he continued to fight off his attacker.

Joshua Emmanuel Scott
NBC 5 News
Joshua Scott, 21, is accused of capital murder and is being held in the Dallas County Jail on $2 million bond.

Investigators said Scott pointed his gun at Miller and demanded his mobile phone and password. He then ordered him to clean debris off the crashed vehicle. Police said Scott then struck and ran over Miller multiple times with his own vehicle.

Investigators said Scott then got out of the car and struck Miller multiple times with a long pole or stick before getting back behind the wheel of the car and striking him again with the car several times.

A witness told police he happened upon the scene, asked what happened and was told there had been a crash. He said he saw Miller on the ground and said he was going to call the police. Scott demanded the witness open a chained gate, but the witness refused. Scott then got out of the car and ran away.

The witness called 911 and Dallas Fire-Rescue arrived a short time later and pronounced Miller deceased. Dallas homicide detectives were called and later found the dashboard camera in Miller's car which they said recorded from the time he picked up Scott at the fulfillment center until the final time he was run over.

"During the video, the suspect's face can be clearly seen," police said in the affidavit. They said he also was recorded calling voicemail and that the number referenced belonged to Joshua Emmanuel Scott.

After reviewing Scott's Texas ID photo, they identified him as the suspect in the video. Police later arrested Scott and he was booked into the Dallas County Jail where he is being held on a capital murder charge with bail set at $2 million.

In the affidavit, investigators did not reveal a motive for the attack and officials did not say which ride-share company Miller worked for.

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