Dallas Resident Details 90-Minute Daily Commute

The average driver in Dallas-Fort Worth spends about 59 hours per year on the road and one Dallas resident in particular boosts that number more than most.

NBC 5 tagged along with David Frederick, whose commute to work takes more than 90 minutes. He leaves his home in North Dallas, drops his son off at school in Addison, and then heads to work in Fort Worth.

“My commute is pretty harsh, but I guess normal in my neck of the woods,” he said.

Along the way, we hit traffic, crashes, construction and more.

“The problem is that there is so much construction going on at the same time," Frederick said. "There is no easy route. No route that doesn’t have a construction site."

Despite the long drive, Frederick said he loves his job, which makes the commute worth it. He also offered some advice for other drivers headed out each morning.

“Try to practice some zen and patience and realize that everyone is trying to get to a destination,” he said.

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