Dallas Rec Center Displays Pandemic Art Projects

The women who usually gather at the Anita Martinez Rec Center in West Dallas were busy creating at home during the pandemic

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Tables filled with arts and crafts were on display at the Anita Martinez Rec Center in West Dallas. The exhibit was a display of what regulars of the center created at home during the pandemic.

"During the pandemic, we were closed off," exhibit coordinator Carmen Garcia said. "Even though the pandemic was hard times, sad times, I want this to be something joyous that we remember what we're capable of."

The projects included embroidery, lace, quilts, crocheting, and even crafts made from beer bottle tops.

"Each one is special and different," Garcia said. "We did a lot of these things at home when we were in isolation and couldn't get out."

"I colored at home, I painted...embroidery," Maria Elena Garcia said. "That's how I spent my time."

"Now that we're able to come back together at rec centers, I wanted to make an event to make that a time of gathering, healing, and celebration more than anything," Garcia said. "Each item is going to become part of the history of their family."

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