Concern Over ‘Sex Expo' in Dallas

A pornography convention advertised on billboards across the Metroplex is not sitting well with many people who find the event offensive.

The three-day expo which calls itself the "largest adult event in the USA dedicated to love & sex" kicks off in Dallas the first weekend of August.

It promises sex seminars, fetish performances, Q&As about the commercial sex industry and meet-and-greets with dozens of porn stars, Elizabeth Findell of The Dallas Morning News reported.

Critics of the event claim the event does not fit the city's morals.

"This use of city property gives almost a tacit affirmation of what we know is an exploitative and often abusive industry," Roslyn Dawson Thompson, CEO and President of Dallas Women's Foundation, told The Dallas Morning News.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed his concern over the event, but there's not much he can do about it. In a statement, Rawlings wrote:

"Use of the convention center is subject to the First Amendment. Our city attorneys advise us that the city therefore cannot deny its use strictly based on the content of a planned event."

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