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Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Cole Beasley Launches Hip-Hop Career

Beasley's debut single released Tuesday, Jan. 9

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley can now add rapper to his resume.

On Tuesday, the NFL player debuted his first track, 80 Stings, in all digital stores.

In a news release, Beasley said his love for music started at Little Elm High School where he would rap with his friends. Beasley said he began writing music while at SMU after using the money from a stipend check to purchase music software.

Now a six-year veteran of the NFL with a family, Beasley said he continues to make music after his kids go to bed.

"I literally didn't have much time between the kids and football, so these songs were all made in the last two years," Beasley said in a news release. "Family is number one for me, football is two, followed by music."

With the focus being on football and family, Beasley said he doesn't intend to do any live shows or tour.

"I'm a dad first and foremost and I am gone from my boys enough with football," Beasley said. "I simply want to make music for the people who are constantly searching for something new to hear."

Beasley has teamed up with producer Victor "Phazz" Clark to produce his album. The pair will release later this year on their label, ColdNation Records.

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