Dallas Artists Honor Ahmaud Arbery

Family Attorney Lee Merritt to deliver artwork to victim’s family in Georgia

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People around the world continue to react to Georgia shooting victim Ahmaud Arbery’s death.

In addition to the “Run with Maud” events worldwide, artists in Dallas are painting in his honor. 

“This has always been a place that whatever is going on in the community, you can see it here, it’s almost an expression of the community,” said photographer Martin Brown, talking about an area west of downtown Dallas known as The Fabrication Yard. 

When news broke of Arbery's death, graffiti artists in Dallas worked tirelessly to put a face behind the name in the headlines.

“It’s an amazing piece of work,” said Brown, looking at the mural painted by Dallas artist Ponchaveli on a steel building. “From the eyes that are green, it helps me relate to the individual in the story. To put a face to it, it’s almost like being there.” 

The building in the neighborhood near Trinity Groves serves as a blank canvas for artists seeking to express their reactions to current events.

“As artists we feel a way to channel our art, let me hit this canvas, let me hit this wall, let me get this message out, through my eyes,” artist Christopher "C-Ray" Rayson said.

Rayson has painted images of victims of recent hate crimes. He painted one to be delivered to Arbery's family.

“I want to show that his family has love and support from Dallas,” he said.

The Arbery family’s attorney, Lee Merritt, said bringing Ahmaud Arbery to life through art is powerful. 

“Seeing Ahmaud up here like this makes me feel closer to him and helps me do my job, which is humanizing him and present him to the world,” Merritt said.

Arbery's family has a long road ahead, but Merritt said the outpouring of support makes a difference and will be critical in the pursuit of justice moving forward.

“As long as people continued to care, I think we can do a lot of good, not only for this case, but I think that Ahmaud will be a symbol for and creating a more fair society,” Merritt said.

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