Cowboys Serve Early Thanksgiving Meal at Salvation Army

Even serving meals requires practice.

"Got to have the plates in your hand. Oh need anything? Good? Then you hand another one down," Joe Looney said. "Oh. A little fork. A little taster. Oh. Delicious. amazing."

The Cowboys' center joined a bunch of his teammates at the Cowboys annual early Thanksgiving Day meal at The Salvation Army Tuesday.

"Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday for all of us across the country," said Charlotte Jones, Cowboys executive vice president and chief brand officer. "It really reminds us of what we're grateful for and what we should be thankful for."

Those being served at the event were thankful for a warm meal.

Instead of "feed Zeke," it's feed them.

"It's great to see them having that smile and enjoying the holiday the way it should be enjoyed," Looney said.

Tuesday marked the 16th consecutive year the Cowboys served the meals. It's about so much more than just handing out food. It's also about giving out hugs and encouragement.

"In that brief moment of giving her a hug and seeing her smile and shaking, I just think her mind's away from so many different challenges that could be on her mind, in her life so it was pretty cool," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said.

"I can't even describe it," said Cowboys fan Lauren Harrill. "I got to hug him. I'm truly the happiest woman in the world."

That happiness works both ways.

"Our players walk out of here feeling as good as the people who are eating that meal," Jones said.

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