Randall Kennedy

Copperhead Snakes Take Over Weatherford Property

A North Texas family says hundreds of copperhead snakes roam their Weatherford property at night.

Vicki Barnett has a hard time going to sleep knowing copperhead snakes surround her home.

"If one got in the house or in the cars, I would have to move," Barnett said. "I really would."

Barnett said she and her husband killed about 30 snakes last weekend alone and another on Tuesday night. It's a problem they've been dealing with since they moved there two years ago.

"I nearly stepped on it and then I just ran and waited for my husband to come outside and kill them," Barnett said.

Barnett arms herself with a rifle, killing the venomous reptiles at dusk when they're most active.

"Any thicket is a real good place for them," said Randall Kennedy, who works for Fort Worth Wildlife, a company specializing in nuisance removal.

Kennedy came out to Barnett's property Wednesday to investigate where she claims hundreds of snakes call home.

"Once they start taking over, they'll take over," said Kennedy. "There can be quite a few of them."

The copperheads are masters of hiding during the day, but that leaves no comfort for Barnett and her family.

"My little grandson says, 'Mo Mo, you've got all these snakes,'" Barnett said. "I've showed him and said, 'Mo Mo has a lot of snakes here.'"

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