North Texas

Company Makes Cosmetic Medical Devices Colorful For North Texas Children

Car Wrap City in Carrollton is on a mission to wrap its proverbial arms around families in North Texas.

The business is working to make cosmetic medical devices more colorful and attractive to change conversations.

Most of the time, the company is in the business of wrapping vehicles with vibrant designs, colors and logos, but they also take time to wrap cranial caps and cranial bands used to help in the development of the shape of young children’s heads.

“We turned the conversation from, ‘Oh, what’s going on with your baby?’ to 'Oh, wow. How cute,'” owner Scott Bechtel said. “We started to just wrap them for friends and word gets around.”

It’s free for the families if they use an existing design with a charge for any special designs. Bechtel said any money charged goes to charity.

“When I was younger, I had some medical issues and my dad had to get two extra jobs to pay for them," he said. "So, I’m pretty sensitive to children.”

They take time away from making money to help families change conversations.

“Parents love it. I see a few tears here and there,” Dustin Drachman said while wrapping Roman’s cranial band. “

“You can see it. The weight of that thing on the baby’s head just disappears,” Bechtel said. “They want to take the baby out. They want to show it off."

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