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Collin County Sisters Deliver Babies Hours Apart

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Sisters share a special bond.

But the connection between two Collin County women goes above and beyond.

Sydney Stowell and Samantha Barton are sisters -- they're also best friends.

“Maid of honor at my wedding and I was maid of honor at hers,” Stowell said.

They’ve been side-by-side for weddings, vacations and even when they separated for school.

“It was almost like they were not gone because again you called when you had time and you talked and you chatted,” Stowell said.

When both became pregnant at the same time, they'd experience the miracle of motherhood together too.

They didn't know it would happen the way it did.

Soon after Barton went into labor at Baylor, Scott & White in McKinney on Friday -- a few days early -- Stowell delivered the news, too.

“Sydney called and said ‘Uh, hey so I'm not going to be able to get your swaddle, but I'll see you at the hospital soon’ and I was like, 'What?'” Barton recalled.

“She knew exactly what I was talking about the second I said it,” Stowell said.

Separated by about five hours, both sisters delivered healthy babies.

Andrew, Barton’s son, arrived a few days early.

Evelyn was four weeks early.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Barton said.

From crying fits or sleepless nights, this is a time no parent forgets -- a rite of passage they'll experience together.

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