Collin County Deputies Bust “Project X”-Inspired Party

Deputies get tip about viral online invitation to party planned at vacant home

Authorities thwarted a "Project X"-style party slated for a vacant home in rural Collin County.

"Project X," a movie that premiered March 2, is about three not-so-popular teenagers who decide to make a name for themselves by hosting the party to end all parties at a parent's home.

The Collin County Sheriff's Office got a tip about a party with a viral online invitation that directed hundreds of young adults and teenagers to a barn on a vacant property in the 5500 block of County Road 163. A posting in the events section of Craigslist called it a "Crazy Project X Type Party."

"We became aware of it and decided we would attend first," Lt. John Norton said.

Deputies turned away 400 people who arrived to party, including 100 juveniles, many of whom already were intoxicated. Fourteen people were cited for drugs or alcohol.

Sheriff's deputies and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents set up about 50 acres from the party site on property owned by Kim Norris.

"The police staged their situation out front in my driveway," she said. "The children were confused and thought this was the party."

Norris watched as the sun set and guests began to arrive.

"It was a sight to see out here that night," she said. "Starting at dark, the traffic started up and by 11 o'clock, there were literally hundreds of cars driving up and down our street."

Her daughter, Danielle Reed, said people came as far as Wylie and Lewisville. Some were college students on spring break, she said.

Norris said she was alarmed by the mix of people.

"There were men in their early 20s being pulled over out here and mixed in with underage girls," she said.

Deputies said the party could have resulted physical and sexual assaults -- not to mention the damage to the vacant home, which currently has a sale pending.

The party was supposed to be held 50 acres away from Norris' home, a site she said was way too close to her home.

"They were going to see if they could have the worst possible ... party they could," she said. "It's scary. It's really scary."

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