Collin County

Collin County Courthouse Jumper Says He “Snapped”

The man who survived jumping from the third floor of the Collin County Courthouse two weeks ago said he wasn't trying to escape or kill himself — he just snapped.

Brandon Keith Fisher was sentenced to five years in prison on Oct. 12. Moments after, he ran from the courtroom and jumped over the third-floor railing.

As a sheriff's deputy and bailiff struggled to grab hold of him and pull him back over the railing, Fisher slipped and fell three stories, hitting his head on a bench below.

During a jailhouse interview several days later, Fisher sat in a wheelchair with a cast on his arm and staples running the length of his scalp.

He said he regretted running and could not remember why he chose to do it. He said he suffers from manic depression and anxiety.

"I know it had to be something with the medication that had me do that," Fisher said.

Now, he also suffers from three fractures in his back, two fractures in the face and a compound fracture in the arm.

"I would never have jumped," Fisher said through tears. "I think (God) has a purpose for me, I just don't know what it is yet and I'm about to find out. I'm very happy to be alive because evidently God's got me on this earth for a reason."

Fisher was originally being sentenced for a 2009 aggravated assault charge with a deadly weapon. His probation had been revoked several months before, resulting in the five-year sentence.

He will now also face an additional charge of escape.

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