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Coach Reflects on Former Highland Park HS Quarterback's Road to Super Bowl LVI

Matthew Stafford was a Highland Park High School standout quarterback, now he's going to play in the Super Bowl

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The excitement for the Super Bowl is building in Highland Park. Not because the hometown team made it to the big game, but because hometown player, Matthew Stafford, did.

"I knew he had big goals and I knew he had a lot of talent," Highland Park Head Football Coach Randy Allen said. "When I saw him play and he threw the ball 70-yards for a touchdown pass on the money."

In 2005, Stafford led the Scots to win the state championship for the first time in 48 years.

"I think all our players believed in Matthew," Allen said. "As long as he was out there, we had a chance to win."

On Tuesday, The Scot Shop will start selling t-shirts with Stafford's name and number on them. They anticipate brisk sales.

"I think Matthew all along believed that he was gonna be in this spot to win a Super Bowl," Allen said. "He knew he was gonna be an NFL quarterback, and this was all part of a vision and a goal he had for himself."

Allen said he was at the last playoff game, and he and Stafford still text to keep in touch.

"I still feel I'm a part of his life, and still think he represents Highland Park football in the very best way," Allen said. "He and I agree: one more game, we're not finished yet."

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