CITC: Students Learn About the Circle of Life

The end of the school year will bring a few tearful goodbyes. Especially from some students at Stafford Middle School in Frisco.

One of the students in Laura Koenig's Science class had a mother duck. Unfortunately the momma duck was killed by a bobcat. So the students in Ms. Koenig's class took in the eggs she had just laid and raised them as their own.

Ms. Koenig turned the 'circle of life' lesson into a classroom lesson for her students.

"They're living you care more about them, it's not like oh... there's a picture on page 72... it's like... no there's an actual duck in our classroom," said student Evan Sosbee.

The students even learned how to candle the eggs, to check on the young ducklings as they were developing.

"One of them was fertilized and then it stopped developing, so she had to crack the egg and in the inside was an actual duck and a lot of people saw it and started crying, it was really sad," said one of the students.

"That's the circle of life even as humans we don't make it sometimes," said student Austin Rodriguez.

Only three of the 17 ducks survived, but the love for those three ducklings only grew by the day.

At the end of the school year, the three ducklings will go to live at a sanctuary.

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