Census 2020 Invitations Start Across DFW

Census information is anonymous and confidential

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The Census 2020 invitations start going out today. The count determines a lot about federal dollars that come into your community and so much more.

A lot of people are moving to Dallas-Fort Worth area daily and this count only happens every 10 years.

Starting March 12, homes across the country start getting invitations in the mail to complete the 2020 census.

You have three ways to take the 2020 census. You can mail it in, submit by phone, or online.

The census can show where communities need new schools, new roads and other services people need.

Texas has at least three congressional seats to gain and billions of dollars in federal funding at stake after the 2020 census, but an undercount could jeopardize that newfound political strength and hurt efforts to alleviate poverty, The Dallas Morning News writer Obed Manuel explains.

"It's extremely important because it's the last time we are going to do this for another 10 years,” Census deputy regional director Dennis Johnson said. “It's real important to make sure that we have everyone counted. That they are represented and that our area gets the funding that it deserves for the population that lives here."

The representatives will ask you questions about how many people live in your home, their relationship and maybe what kind of home it is whether it’s a house, apartment or mobile home.

There are no citizenship questions on the census.

The Census Bureau cannot release your information even to law enforcement.

"We've got cybersecurity checks at every stage of the way,” Johnson said. “When you submit your information to us it can be used for nothing other than purposes of the census.

The Census Bureau will never ask for your social security number, bank or credit card numbers, or donations.

For more information on the Census click here.

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