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Ceilings Collapse at Hail-Damaged Homes in Wylie

More rain is turning a bad situation worse for homeowners in Wylie.

One week ago, hail punched holes in hundreds of homes across the city. For many, now the damage is only getting worse.

"The devastation is actually setting in," Nelson Graves said.

Family photos are among of the few items he has left to box-up at his Wylie home.

"It's just literally falling apart," Graves said.

Last week NBC 5 showed where hail came flying into his living room, not far from his wife and kids.

"Even our insurance agent didn't believe us when we called to tell them that hail had come through our roof, through our ceiling into our living room," he said.

The floor beneath that hole is now soaked from rain, his soggy ceiling is caving in throughout his home and a leaky roof is creating pockets of water in the paint.

The damage, Graves knows, may be too much to fix.

"I've got so many memories here and that's the emotional side of it, is this could ultimately be gone," he said.

For now, everything inside the home is being packed up.

"It just makes you very grateful for what you do have because it can change in an instant," Graves said.

On Monday Collin County Judge Keith Self signed a disaster declaration resulting from the April 11 hail storm.

Self is requesting the state do the same, which could make Collin County eligible for financial assistance.

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