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Cedar Hill 7th Graders Say Science Labs Help the Lessons Make Sense

A science class in the Cedar Hill Independent School District is making science fun

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In Cynthia Arceneaux's 7th Grade science class at W.S. Permenter Middle School, experiments are part of the daily routine. They're always cracking something open and seeing how it works.

“If you're excited, they will get excited, especially if it's gross! I'm telling you, they love it,” said Arceneaux

Recently, they tackled strawberries. Students learned to break down the fruit and extract out DNA.

“Strawberries have more DNA per little area that they are than most other things,” said Arceneaux.

The labs reinforce what students have learned and puts the information in their memory banks.

“We can see it in our own eyes instead of just reading it. It will be harder to remember,” said student Yarettzi Chavez. “I didn't like science but I felt like last year I had trouble with it, but I feel like now it's easier for me.”

Arceneaux has been at it four years and says experiments always hit two goals. They're fun to help improve comprehension and test scores.

Seventh grade Khalil Hale agrees, saying activities like this always help him.

“Today's lab, I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember this,” said Hale.

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