Carrollton Puts Uninsured Drivers on Notice

Add Carrollton to the list of North Texas cities that tow the vehicles of uninsured drivers.

It's estimated that one out of every five cars in Texas is driven by an uninsured driver.

Under Carrollton's new ordinance, which goes into effect Feb. 16, the vehicles of uninsured drivers who are pulled over for traffic violations will be impounded.

Carrollton residents such as Walt Smith said they support the idea of taking a tougher stance on uninsured drivers.

"It's the law; you're supposed to have insurance," he said. "If you don't have it, don't drive."

"Hopefully this will help bring down car insurance rates, because we have some of the highest in the country," Michael McKibben said. "We can thank all the uninsured drivers."

Carrollton police are warning drivers to make sure they carry their proof of insurance cards with them.

"We do have access to the Texas data base of insured drivers, but the safest bet is have proof on you," Officer Dustin Bartram said. 

It could cost drivers more than $300 to get their vehicles back if they are towed.

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