Bishop Arts District Party Business Takes ‘Bernie Memes' to 3D Level

ABC Party HQ has a new piñata for sale: Senator Bernie Sanders

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Drivers on Davis Street in Dallas' Bishop Arts neighborhood might see a familiar face that's turning heads.

"This is just terrific," Keith Boyd said. "He's got the little mittens and he's just cute as can be."

Boyd was referring to a piñata in the likeness of Senator Bernie Sanders at this year's presidential inauguration. A photo from the ceremony, featuring Sanders socially distanced, and dressed in a casual puffy coat and gloves was widely produced as a meme.

"I watch a lot of news and see what's trending," ABC Party HQ owner Carlos De La Fuente said, explaining how he chooses what piñatas to make. "It's worked out for me because the phone has been ringing off the wall."

De La Fuente said each piñata is made by hand, and takes between 3 to 5 days from start to finish. Some other big sellers have been the coronavirus and Donald Trump piñatas.

"I tell you, Donald Trump was a big hit for 4 years, 4 and 1/2 years," De La Fuente said. "It was 50/50 there. People, they liked him, some of them bought them because they disliked him."

"I'm not gonna hit him with a stick," Boyd said of his Bernie piñata purchase. "He's gonna be a good friend," he said laughing. "I don't have many friends stopping by anymore, so I'll probably go a little nuts talking to my Bernie. He'll be good company."

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