Back to Earth: Astronaut With North Texas Ties Makes History

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When SpaceX launched a crew of four astronauts into space back in November one of them was making history. Victor Glover is the first Black astronaut to complete a long-term stay aboard the international space station.

“I’m very grateful to all of the people who helped to make this possible and I’m very happy to have done my little part to help move things forward,” said Glover.

Back here on Earth, the magnitude of his achievements started to sink in months ago. His father, also Victor Glover, beamed with pride from Prosper, Texas; hopeful as his son traveled through space. He spoke with us shortly after the launch.

“I was in awe the entire time. Pretty much watched the rocket until it disappeared. My face mask was soaking wet with tears,” he said.

Glover said he still hasn’t fully processed the reality of this historic moment.

“I don’t know if it’s ever going to completely sink in,” he said. “I think there’s a lot to unpack and process from this mission, and I’m still writing in my journal and looking at all of the lessons.”

On Sunday, after the historic 167-day mission, the crew made a safe return in the first splashdown in three years to be done in the dark. All smiles, they answered questions about the experience above planet Earth. While he’s still taking it all in, Glover knows exactly how important this moment is for so many others.

“I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and messages from folks who say, ‘My kid saw you and they’re so excited, and it’s great that he can watch the NASA TV broadcast and see someone that looks like him,’ and I think that’s important. I think we need to be able to dream in all colors,” said Glover.

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