Avocado-Themed Restaurant Opens Thursday in West Dallas

AvoEatery opens Thursday and features 29 avocado-based dishes

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An avocado-themed restaurant is opening in West Dallas on Thursday.

According to a report by the Dallas Morning News, AvoEatery will open in Trinity Groves, northwest of the intersection of Interstate 30 and Interstate 35E.

The restaurant's menu will feature 29 dishes made with avocados, even desserts, the Dallas Morning News Reports.

AvoEatery is owned by Irving-based Avocados From Mexico. According to the Dallas Morning News, the restaurant considered a "laboratory" where the company can test recipes and gauge the response to a restaurant dedicated to one ingredient.

AvoEatery's dishes include six different kinds of avocado toast, steak frites topped with avocado-herb butter, a burger with avocado remoulade, a hot chicken sandwich with pickled avocado, and even an avocado popsicle that is dipped in white chocolate and covered in coconut, the Dallas Morning News Reports.

Even the drinks will be avocado-themed, from an avocado shrub in a vodka-cucumber-mint cocktail to avocado-chocolate bitters in an Old Fashioned.

Álvaro Luque, CEO of Avocados From Mexico, calls the restaurant the “first-ever polished avocado restaurant in the world.”

AvoEatery is located at 3011 Gulden Lane and will be open for dinner until Feb. 14, 2020. The restaurant will start lunch and dinner hours, seven days a week, on Feb. 15, 2020.

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