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Authorities ID Victims Killed at Fort Worth Game Room, Bus Stop

Suspect has been identified as Chassity Brooks, who faces capital murder charges

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A man is in custody and facing capital murder charges after police say he killed two people in hit-and-runs and critically wounded another man.

Chassity Brooks, 38, was booked in the Fort Worth Jail after leading police on a chase that led to a standoff Wednesday. The chase began after Brooks allegedly stabbed a man, who has not been publicly identified, at a Fort Worth apartment complex just before noon Wednesday. The victim’s truck was also stolen by Brooks, police say.

Around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, police say Brooks was located in the 8700 block of Camp Bowie West. It was there, authorities say he crashed the stolen truck into the Taz game room, killing 45-year-old Jeffrey Mazurowski who was inside.

Stacy Collum, a close friend of Mazurowski’s, said she was in shock when she heard what happened.

“It’s hard to breathe on that. It really is, because it’s just sad. I don’t understand where that guy’s [Brooks] mentality was, you know? I mean, I just don’t,” Collum said. “I’m telling you, he [Mazurowski] was a nice guy. He was constantly saying, can I help you? Can I do something for you?”

Taz was boarded up on Thursday, as nearby business owners continued cleaning up debris from the crash. A small memorial for Mazurowski grew outside the store.

“He didn’t cause any trouble or he definitely didn’t deserve what happened to him yesterday,” friend Ramona McDonald said.

Video of the crash from inside the game room shows the truck plowing through the exterior wall at a high speed and continuing to drive deep into the building. It was backed up before being driven through the gaming hall again.

Shortly after the pick-up truck crashed into Taz, police say Brooks crashed into a woman sitting at bus stop about a mile down the road. She has been identified by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office Thursday morning as Lailani Snell. The 57-year-old was also taken to Harris Hospital where she, too, died.

Brooks is accused of stealing a second pick-up during the chase as he again tried to outrun police. He eventually surrendered in a southeast Fort Worth neighborhood after being boxed in by armored SWAT vehicles and tear gas was fired.

According to police, the man who was stabbed by Brooks on Wednesday morning underwent surgery on Wednesday. He was listed in critical condition, which has since been changed to ‘stable’.

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