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Armed Guards Now at Peewee Football Games After Fort Worth Shooting

Armed security guards on Saturday stood at the entrance to each game

One week after chaos erupted with shots fired at a peewee football game in Fort Worth, new security measures are in place.

Armed security guards on Saturday stood at the entrance to each game operated by the TexaSports Youth League. Outside the gates at Dunbar High School, one guard parked a marked car up close, making it clear the only action that should be playing out is on the field.

When the PAC Prime Wolves hit the turf, proud dad Sam Blackmore wanted their focus to be on football, not the guards.

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Two armed guards stood outside the gates at Dunbar High School on Saturday to provide security for peewee football games following a recent shooting. (Published Sept. 21, 2019)

"It's something we just gotta get used to. We're not used to it yet, but like say we're out here for the kids' safety and anything that's gonna make our kids safe, we're up for it," Blackmore said.

They were there, protecting all peewee players in the TexaSports league one week after a fight between two other teams on the field at Eastern Hills High School. It ended in gunfire and one mother's arrest.

When a scuffle broke out during the Sept. 14 game between the Fort Worth LongHorns and Holly Chinita's team, the 81G Bulldogs, Chinita got upset and called her older son down to the game.

As authorities continue to search for the man who opened fire at a peewee football game, players, coaches and families met Monday night to discuss what happened Saturday.

When he showed up, police said he started shooting from a hill toward the players and the families in the stands.

Jamie Kneeland was watching her brother’s team, the LongHorns, when she was hit in the thigh.

"My 3-month-old next to me, I'm trying to get to his stroller, and in the midst of trying to get to his stroller and get him down, that's when I fell to the ground, that's when I realized I'm shot," she told NBC 5 after the shooting.

Jamee Kneeland was shot in the leg and her 12-year-old daughter was grazed by a bullet at a peewee football game in Fort Worth Saturday afternoon.

Kneeland said her 12-year-old daughter was grazed by a bullet. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Chinita faces a terroristic threat charge. She was arrested on a warrant Wednesday following a traffic stop in Johnson County.

The man who pulled the trigger has not been caught.

"It's stupid. Stupid, unnecessary," Blackmore said about the shooting.

An argument at a peewee football game in Fort Worth led to a shooting in which two people, including a child, were injured Saturday afternoon, police say.

On Saturday, Blackmore worked the front table, collecting money at Dunbar. Like many parents, he’s been briefed on the league's new rules.

"We have security at each game. Clear bags — there's no dark bags coming in, they're gonna check your bag. Then, if you decide you want to be an idiot inside the game, you're banned for the rest of the games," he explained.

With several on tap, he's happy to return his concentration to the players.

As for the two teams caught up in the incident last weekend, at least one of them took the week off. Members of the LongHorns have been trying to recover from the trauma. The coach's wife said while they won’' take the field just yet — they're spending the day together.

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