Arlington Eyes Regulation of Pedicabs

Build it, and the pedicabs will come.

With parking at Cowboys Stadium running up to $75 and the lack of public transportation, some people are opting to park further away and take pedicabs to the stadium.

But the city of Arlington doesn't permit pedicabs, or cycle rickshaws. City leaders say the unregulated vehicles pose traffic problems.

Mayor Robert Cluck said some drivers run red lights and ignore other traffic laws. Arlington is considering whether to allow pedicabs to stay and how to regulate them.

Many Cowboys fans welcome the alternative transportation option.

"The city of Arlington, if they are going to regulate the pedicabs, well, hey, how about providing some sort of public transportation, because they benefiting so much from the stadium?" said Justin Bell.

Pedicab drivers have been present at every Cowboys Stadium event so far. The drivers, who work on tips, say they can make up to $500 on a good night.

Cluck said the City Council could consider a pedicab ordinace as early as Tuesday.

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