Angry Texas Delegates Question Sen. Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is doubling down on his decision not to endorse Donald Trump.

"Mr. Cruz came here to stick his finger in Donald Trump's eye, and he did it very effectively," said U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, a Dallas Republican, who was clearly frustrated Thursday morning.

Cruz honored his commitment to speak to the Texas delegation Thursday, but it may not have been the reception he expected, after telling voters to vote their conscience and getting booed during his speech at the Republican National Convention the night before.

After opening remarks, Cruz opened up the floor to questions from the Lone Star State delegates.

Wichita Falls delegate Stephen Garner asked if Cruz would vote for Trump. Cruz did not say whether he would, only saying he would not vote for Hillary Clinton. Garner, a Cruz loyalist, was visibly shaken by the splintering of the Texas delegation.

"We came in the room this morning wanting to be a united front, wanting to be the Texas that so many people look to, and the room was divided. You could see that there," said Garner.

Many in attendance were unsettled, as some people sat and some stood. Some delegates held out hope Cruz would take this opportunity to get in line with the Republican Party.

"We have delegates that are fighting and arguing with each other. This is not about delegates and Republicans fighting each other. We have a common goal, and that is to defeat Hillary and get Trump elected. This did not help," said Plano delegate Jody Rushton.

But Cruz supporters said Thursday the Texas senator stayed true to his feelings, and didn't give into the heat to endorse.

"I think he did the courageous thing. There are not many office holders in the country who would have stood on the stage, who would have taken the heat and answered the questions, and I am so proud of him," said delegate Sondra Ziegler.

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