American Airlines to Use 3-D Imaging at Security Checkpoints

New 3-D imaging could make getting through airport security less of a headache. 

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is partnering with Analogic Corporation to use computed tomography (CT) technology.

The Analogic ConneCT screening system would allow for security officials to see detailed 3-D images of passengers' baggage at security checkpoints. 

According to CNBC, American Airlines will spend $6 million on the 3-D scanners at eight U.S. airports. American Airlines did not immediately say which airports the scanners would be used at. 

This technology could allow people to keep liquids and laptops in their carry-on bags. 

"After a careful evaluation, American Airlines chose Analogic as its preferred supplier of Checkpoint CT based on several factors including image quality, airport-friendly design and ease of operation," Jim Ryan, Analogic senior vice president of security systems, said in a statement. "ConneCT is a culmination of ten years of checkpoint CT research and development and is positioned to be the innovative leader in the aviation security marketplace."

The technology is currently undergoing Transportation Security Administration testing.

CT technology is also going through the European Civil Aviation Conference certification process. 

This system is now being used at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

An official from Analogic said 10 years of research went into the development of CT technology.

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