Allen Eagles Return to Repaired Stadium

The Allen Eagles are beginning their quest for a fourth straight title.

This week, the team began practicing in their $59 million stadium that was shut down last year for repairs.

Home games were played in Plano instead.

Head coach Tom Westerberg says he uses what happened to send players a message.

"About taking things for granted,” he said. “We were able to for a couple years walk out of this facility and walk down and practice and when it was taken away from us, we're on the road, not only our football games, but also our practices."

Allen will play more home games than usual this season as a result, eight instead of the standard five or six.

"You kind of miss the home atmosphere, but a lot of people traveled. I mean, there was as many people for Allen as there was the other teams at their own stadiums,” season ticket holder Greg Phillips said.

The school is on a 43-game winning streak, which has earned them three consecutive state titles and one national championship.

The season opener will be Friday, August 28 against Denton Guyer at Eagle Stadium.

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