AA Plane Makes Emergency Stop

American Airlines passengers in Phoenix were grounded during takeoff Thursday night.

Flight 592 was about to take off from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport when something went wrong on the plane.

Passengers told NBC 5 as the plane was getting up to takeoff speed the pilot suddenly cut off the engines and slammed on the plane's brakes.

Passenger Charlotte Miles said the experience brought silence to the cabin.

"It was really calm," Miles said.

According to Miles, the crew of the flight made an announcement following the aborted takeoff that explained a wheel indication light had come on in the cockpit and that a wheel had locked up.

However, the abrupt action to stop the plane caused the brakes to overheat and forced the plane to be towed back to the gate.

Passengers had a five-hour flight delay and then boarded another flight and headed to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. That flight landed around 3 a.m. Friday morning.

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