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Fertilizer plant explosion levels several blocks of small Texas town

West Recovery Includes Thursday's Memorial in Waco



    Fire trucks from across Texas formed an emotional tribute in the form of a procession from West to Waco for the memorial at Baylor University, (Published Thursday, April 25, 2013)

    While the residents of the town of West have begun to recover from last week's deadly blast, Thursday was all about remembering fallen heroes.

    Hearts were heavy for hundreds of folks who waited in line to get into the Ferrell Center at Baylor University in Waco.

    Seeing fire trucks from all over Texas, and all over the country, touched many of those in line, including Kelli Cary, a West-native whose husband is a firefighter.

    "It's amazing. You can't explain it. There's no words to explain all the support everybody has given for all the firefighters," said Cary.

    Perhaps the most touching moment outside the memorial was when the firefighters whose department suffered losses, carried the helmets of those fallen heroes. Even a young boy was seen carrying the helmet of his lost loved one.

    Cary said moving forward will be a tough process.

    "One day at a time, you know? Kids, it will be a long time before the kids can understand what happened," said Cary, who added that her a 4-year-old is still fearful of clouds.
    "My 4-year-old thinks it was a storm. Every cloud he sees he thinks its an explosion storm," she said.

    Many here were glad to see President Barack Obama show his support and show up to the memorial, especially at a time when this community needs all the support it can get.

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