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Violent Purse Snatcher Uses Stun Gun To Attack Women



    Denton Police are searching for a man they say has been attacking women as they leave their vehicles in an attempt to steal their purses.

    There have been at least two similar incidents reported in Denton. In both cases the suspect shoves the victims as he tries to take their purses. He also kicked both victims in the head before leaving.

    In once instance, the victim gave up her purse, but a second victim, fought off the attacker.

    The victim, who did not want her name released, was in the parking lot of the Waterford at Spencer Oaks Apartments when a hooded man approached her as she was taking groceries out of her trunk.

    Robbery Victim Who Fought Back Speaks

    [DFW] Robbery Victim Who Fought Back Speaks
    Denton police are searching for a violent attacker who targets women as they get out of their vehicles. Police say the man has been known to use a stun gum on his victims. One victim talked about the attack just steps from her apartment door.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010)

    "He turned around and came back to the back of me and grabbed my purse and I started yelling then," she said.

    But the victim held on to her purse and fought back.

    "He spun me around and I remember hearing the click, click, click of the Taser," she said.

    The suspect shocked the victim in the face and arm. That's when she fell to ground. The victim said she screamed as the suspect hovered over her and she kept kicking him to fend him off.

    No one at the complex heard her screams for help until the suspect was gone.

    "He came over here to this side and kicked in my head and then he ran off toward the back of the apartment complex," she said.

    The tearful victim said she no longer feels safe.

    Police are afraid the attacks could get more violent if the suspect is not caught.

    The victims described the suspect as an African-American male with a very dark skin tone. He is in his late teens or early 20's, between 5'1" and 5'7" tall with a thin build. One victim said he had big ears and a short clean hair cut. The suspect also remains silent throughout the attacks.

    If you have information on this suspect call Denton Police.