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Continuing Coverage of Tornado Outbreaks in North Texas

Tornado Survivor Speaks Out

Granbury resident Christy Green and her sons went airborne during May 15 storms



    Christy Green survived the Granbury tornado. She received cuts to her face and a neck fracture. (Published Saturday, May 18, 2013)

    On Saturday morning, Christy Green, a Granbury tornado survivor, left John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth to return to Granbury.

    "It just got louder and louder," said Green. "You could hear it just snapping and breaking the house! It was awful!"
    Green vividly remembers when a tornado destroyed her house and other homes in Granbury Wednesday night. The outbreak of 16 tornadoes across North Texas killed six people and injured more than 100 people
    With just a 10 minute warning Green and her sons, 17-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Brendan Whitehead hid inside her closet. But that wasn't enough. 
    "He goes, 'I love you mom'," said Green. "I said, 'Grab the closet door and shut it.' He went to grab it and he flew out."
    Despite going airborne, Green and her sons survived. They were not physically hurt, but she was.
    "At one point, I was bending in ways I never thought I could bend and I prayed to God I said, ‘I cannot take another minute. Please, just stop it,’" she said.
    Green is now recovering from cuts to her face, a neck fracture and bruises throughout her body.
    "I'm still in shock. Seriously, you can't even imagine," she said.
    Despite her injuries, Green plans to head to work in a week. 
    She and her sons will be staying at a house of a family friend.