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Rock Thrower Injures Dallas Shopper in Bizarre Attack

Victim says man was "foaming at the mouth"



    Dallas police say someone threw rocks at a customer getting out of her cars at a Lakewood shopping center Tuesday.

    Kelle Shanks said the man pulled up right in front of her in the parking lot at Mockingbird Lane and Abrams Road and started pummeling her car with rocks.

    “I remember him looking at me; then he reached down and picked up that rock like a major league baseball player and started pummeling them at me,” she said.

    Her face is swollen and sore, but it fared much better than her convertible. Her windshield is smashed, and the man ripped off her rear-view mirror and left his footprints all around the body of the car.

    Man Pummels Shopper, Car With Rocks

    [DFW] Man Pummels Shopper, Car With Rocks
    Dallas police say a man threw rocks at a woman in the parking lot of a Lakewood shopping center.
    (Published Thursday, March 17, 2011)

    “All I could think was, 'He is angrier than any human should be. He was foaming at the mouth,'” Shanks said.

    Police say they believe the man taunted another customer before he targeted Shanks.

    She called 911 on her cell phone, but he had left on his bike by the time police got there.

    Police said they will increase patrols in the area.

    But Shanks said she isn't eager to return.

    “It will be awhile before I go back to that shopping center,” she said.