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Rev. Clint Dobson Funeral Service



    The funeral service for the Rev. Clint Dobson of NorthPointe Baptist Church was held Wednesday morning in Arlington.

    Dobson was killed last week in a robbery at his church. Judy Elliott, who was working with Dobson at the church when they were robbed, was hospitalized in critical condition following the robbery.

    The service was held at the First Baptist Church of Arlington.

    Those who came to say goodbye to Dobson stood in silent support as his family and close friends entered the church. Dobson's casket was draped in a cascade of white and yellow flowers, his portrait not far away.

    "Today we are here to celebrate his life and to appropriately spend some time together mourning the loss of this young man we loved so deeply," said the Rev. Dr. Dennis Wiles, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Arlington.

    The sentiment was made more evident by the packed church pews and kind words shared by friends who have known Dobson since his formative years.

    "Please trust me when I say that the last year of Clint's life was the happiest that I've ever seen Clint," said his best friend, Daniel Goodman. "Clint left this world a very happy husband, son and friend."

    Even those who met Dobson later on in life were drawn to his personality and character.

    "He was faithful and engaging and always made the best out of tough situations," said the Rev. Brady Herbert, a friend of Dobson's. "He loved all that he came in contact with. He had incredible integrity, a huge heart and even better personality."

    Testimony after testimony made it clear just how many lives Dobson touched and how much of a void he leaves in the hearts of his loved ones.

    "This is still so hard and it hurts a lot," said Dobson's father-in-law, Dr. Phillip Rozeman. "The death of your child is a parent's (worst) nightmare."

    While there were plenty of tears during the service, there were also laughs as Dobson's friends shared some of their favorite memories of him. Many said they know he's in a better place now.

    "I have no doubt that last Thursday when Clint passed from this side to the other side of eternity, some of the first words he heard were from his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and they were these: 'Well done my good and faithful servant,'" Herbert said.

    Following the church service, Dobson was laid to rest in a private ceremony attended by family.

    Two men, Steven Lawayne Nelson and Anthony Gregory Springs, face murder charges in connection with Dobson's death.