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Officer Shoots Dog on Traffic Stop



    Officer Shoots Dog on Traffic Stop

    Fort Worth police are looking into the shooting of a dog by an officer.

    Police dashcam video from the officer's patrol car shows what took place on Easter Sunday during a traffic stop in the driveway of the dog's owner.

    In the video, the pit bull mix can be seen barking as it comes toward the officer.  The officer, feeling threatened by the animal, pulled his weapon and fired two or three shots.  The dog was struck and two men standing nearby suffered minor injuries from shrapnel.

    "The officer was confronted with an unrestrained pit bull mix who was advancing on that police officer. That officer felt in fear," said Sgt. Chad Mahaffey, with the Fort Worth Police Department. "That officer responded the way that officer was trained to respond when confronted with that type of threat."

    Police Video Shows Officer Shooting Dog

    [DFW] Police Video Shows Officer Shooting Dog
    Fort Worth Police released video of an officer shooting a dog. Police say it shows the officer acted properly, the dog's owner and witnesses say the shooting didn't have to happen.
    (Published Wednesday, April 7, 2010)

    The dog's owner, Melissa Aguilar, feels differently.

    "Even if the dog comes toward the officer, the dog is within his right. He's protecting his owner," said Aguilar. "He shot toward the house. There were minors all around. My little brothers were out there. What if it would have hit them or something, you know?"

    The shooting is under routine investigation, but police said from what they've seen so far the officer did nothing wrong.

    The dog is recovering at a veterinary clinic.