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Lingering Rainbow Lounge Charges Dropped

Lounge patrons won’t face court dates



    Last year's incident at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth continues to rear its head, but this time it’s not so ugly for at least four patrons who were involved.

    The city of Fort Worth Thursday dropped pending charges against Jose A. Macias, Dylan T. Brown, George J. Armstrong, and Chad Gibson, all of whom faced public intoxication charges with Gibson getting slapped with an additional charge of assault by contact, and is there any other kind?

    During the incident, which involved the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Fort Worth police, and Rainbow Lounge patrons, something or somebody slapped Gibson in the head because he suffered a cranial injury, according to a Star-Telegram report.

    The same article said investigations conducted by the TABC and FWPD found no degree of excessive force, yet agents and officers were fired and suspended.

    Fort Worth Drops All Remaining Charges in Rainbow Lounge Raid

    [DFW] Fort Worth Drops All Remaining Charges in Rainbow Lounge Raid
    Nearly a year and a half after a controversial raid of a Fort Worth gay bar, the city announces it has dropped all criminal charges against several patrons.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010)

    All enforcement and municipal officials declined to comment now that charges have been dropped.

    "The Class C misdemeanor charges from the Rainbow Lounge against George Armstrong, Dylan Brown, Chad Gibson, and Jose Macias were dismissed yesterday by the city. As it is our official policy not to discuss municipal court prosecutions or litigation, the city will have no further comment," Jason Lamers, Fort Worth spokesperson, said in a statement.

    OK, but since the charges were dropped, there is no pending court prosecution of litigation, so what no comment? Just asking, man.

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