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Industrial Blvd Switch to Cost Businesses Thousands

Official name change to take place next Tuesday



    Industrial Blvd Switch to Cost Businesses Thousands
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    The new signs indicating the name change will go up on Thursday.

    Businesses and drivers are in for a big change this week when Industrial Boulevard becomes Riverfront Boulevard.

    The Dallas City Council approved the name change a year ago, rejecting the name Cesar Chavez that won a poll of city residents.  City leaders wanted a name that would reflect the street’s proximity to the planned Trinity River Park.

    “I think it's part of the bigger picture that has to do with the redevelopment of this area,” said Winfield Padgett, with Padgett Printing. 

    The printing company has operated at 1313 North Industrial Boulevard for 51 years and expects to spend $40,000 to change their address on all of the company’s printed material.  But Winfield Padgett is not complaining.

    Dallas' Industrial Boulevard Gets New Name

    [DFW] Dallas' Industrial Boulevard Gets New Name
    Industrial Boulevard will soon become Riverfront Boulevard.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009)

    “It’s going to be a very, very nice place and I think this particular name that’s been selected supports that notion,” Padgett said.

    New apartments are under construction just blocks away from Padgett's business and several major developments have been proposed on vacant property along Industrial Boulevard. Experts believe the street name change may help spur them along as the economy thaws and financing becomes available.

    “Would development have come anyway? Yes, I think it would have come anyway, but not to the extent that I think we’re going to see,” said  Peter Coughlin, commercial realtor. “It’s a commitment by the city that they’re moving forward. And, I think it’s going to just do nothing but raise the values over here. I think most people in the area feel that way.”

    At Fuel City on Industrial Boulevard, drivers had mixed feelings about the change.

    “Everybody knows it as Industrial, so they should leave it like that, I think,” said Miguel Delaparra.

    “It shouldn’t be too confusing, as long as Mapquest and Google Maps knows about it. That’s the only way I know to get around,” said Amari Hollis.

    Edward Monton said businesses and new residents would be more comfortable relocating to a street named Riverfront Boulevard instead of Industrial.

    “The street name does not fit the area anymore. It really doesn’t. Things are changing.”

    New street signs will begin being installed on Thursday.