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Frisco Adding Red Light Cameras to Two Intersections

Violators can expect a $75 citation



    Frisco Adding Red Light Cams to Two Intersections

    Signs are out near the intersection of Legacy Drive and Main Street in Frisco warning drivers about the new red light camera. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013)

    Drivers in Frisco can expect to pay up if they don’t pump the brakes.

    The city is planning on installing more red light cameras at two separate intersections.

    The citation camera at Legacy Drive and Main Street will be up and running by mid-February. Officials have not said when the second, planned for Dallas Parkway at Eldorado, will be online.

    The city first began using the cameras in 2011 to mixed reaction from citizens.

    “I do like the fact that there are cameras there,” said David Jacobs, although he admitted having to pay the red light fine for a family member.

    “If I’ve done something wrong, I deserve the ticket and I’m OK to pay it. With some of the people that do what they do when they drive, I believe it’s a good added incentive to drive more carefully, even for my kids.”

    Frisco police added that the existing intersections with cameras have seen a major decrease in crashes involving drivers running red lights.

    The two new camera locations were selected because they’ve also become hotspots for violations.

    “Safety is always more important than getting a ticket or being in an accident,” said Amy McMahan, of Prosper, who said she has no problem with the cameras being installed.

    The fine for a red light violation is $75.