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Dallas Police Arrest Suspect in Home Invasion

Police still looking for two more men in attack on Oak Cliff woman



    Robbers ambushed the mother of a Dallas patrol officer at her home but, with a gun to her head, Rosalinda Landeros kept her head down and pretended not to see the men. When they left she gave police their descriptions and even a partial license plate. (Published Friday, April 27, 2012)

    The mother of a Dallas police officer used her wits to survive an armed home invasion robbery.

    Police arrested one man after Rosalinda Landeros called 911 with a description of the three men who had held her at gunpoint for two hours.

    Police believe the men targeted Landeros, following her while she ran errands to the grocery store and a bank on Tuesday.

    When she was getting out of her vehicle at her Oak Cliff home, a white Lincoln sport utility vehicle pulled behind her.

    "They drove right behind me, and they blocked my driveway," she said. "They jumped out, and they had guns."

    They stole her purse and jewelry and forced her into her home. As her house alarm blared, they put a gun to her head and told her to turn it off or else.

    "They told me if I wouldn't, they were going to blow my brains out, and they had the gun on my head," Landeros said.

    "I was terrified," she said. "I never, ever had someone put a gun on my head."

    The men ransacked her home, taking flat-screen televisions, cash, electronics and an automatic pistol. She hid her face with her hands while sneaking as many glimpses between her fingers as she could of her attackers.

    "I was pretending not to see them, but I had seen them," she said.

    A Dallas police cruiser drove past her house two hours later, spooking her attackers. They left, and Landeros called 911 with descriptions of the men and their vehicle and a partial license plate number.

    Police said they believe the three men have been involved in multiple home robberies.