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Dallas Charter Amendments Finalized



    Dallas Charter Amendments Finalized

    Dallas voters will see nine City Charter amendments on the November Ballot.

    The city council finalized the choices Wednesday after months of bitter debate.

    The amendments include pay raises for future Dallas City Council members and measures to remove city council influence from the redistricting process that occurs every 10 years to adjust council district borders after a census.

    Dallas council member Jennifer Staubach Gates spoke in favor of the redistricting amendment.

    "We've all talked about change and I really believe that change begins with the leadership and we are the leaders of Dallas," Staubach said.

    Mayor Mike Rawlings also favored the redistricting adjustments.

    "There was a lot of arguing back and forth. Now the citizens have to do their work to make our city better," Rawlings said.

    Voters must approve each of the changes before they take effect.

    Supporters of the council pay increase believe it would encourage more candidates with families to support to run for public office.

    City Council salaries would rise from $37,500 a year to $60,000.

    The pay for a future mayor other than Mike Rawlings would rise from $60,000 to $80,000.

    Rawlings insisted that the increase should not apply to him.