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Campus Officer Shoots, Kills San Antonio Student



    Campus Officer Shoots, Kills San Antonio Student
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    An honor-roll student broadcaster at the University of Incarnate Word near San Antonio was shot and killed by a campus officer who says the student attacked him.

    UIW college officials confirmed details of the shooting Monday to NBC affiliate WOAI in San Antonio. In a news release sent to the station, the university stated Cpl. Chris Carter was returning to duty on Dec. 6 when he spotted a driver near the front of the campus who was driving erratically and at a high rate of speed.

    The university told WOAI that the driver, identified as 23-year-old Robert Cameron Redus, was shot and killed by Carter after the officer followed him into the parking lot of an apartment complex.

    According to the university, Carter asked for assistance in arresting Redus at the complex but additional officers were delayed in responding because Carter mistakenly identified his location. Officials said when Carter attempted to Redus by himself, the student repeatedly resisted.

    Redus stole Carter's baton and hit him with it during the struggle, according to the news release. Following that, Carter was reportedly able to pull his gun, knock the baton away, and fire at Redus, who university officials claim was still resisting arrest.

    Redus' family disagrees with the university's account of the incident. In a statement released to NBC News on Monday, Redus' loved ones said: "Our family does not believe the officer's report."

    "Cameron has never been an aggressive or confrontational person," the statement continues. "Cameron's friends have said the same thing about him. For him to confront a police officer would be completely out of his character."

    "Even if Cameron was driving erratically, he presented no threat to the campus police officer or anyone else once he parked his truck. We expect all official reports to confirm that Cameron's death was unnecessary and unjustified," the family's statement said.

    The Alamo Heights Police Department, which assists the university, said Redus was shot five times and believed to be under the influence of alcohol. That department will continue to investigate the shooting with assistance from the Texas Rangers.

    According to NBC News, Carter was on paid administrative leave Monday pending the investigation.

    Redus, known to classmates as Cameron, was a senior communication arts major that was set to graduate with honors in May.