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Cameras Capture Thieves Stealing Third-Row SUV Seats



    Surveillance video form a Lake Highlands man shows a trio of thieves stealing the third-row seats from his sport utility vehicle. (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    Luck may be running out for teams of thieves that break into sport utility vehicles across the Dallas area.

    Surveillance video shows how thieves can steal third-row seats from SUVs in just seconds.

    Video from James Roberts, who lives on Hyde Park Drive in Lake Highlands, shows thieves stealing the seating from his Yukon last week in broad daylight.

    On the video, one of crooks can be seen coming over and scoping out the SUV. He then waves over his partner to bring a tool that unlocks the back glass without sounding the alarm.

    Once the glass is open, a third and smaller crook climbs inside, grabs the seats and off they go.

    Detectives said the thieves work in groups and target neighborhoods with a high concentration of General Motors SUVs.

    Roberts said the scariest part about the brazen burglary is what isn't seen on the surveillance video.

    "What you don't see on the video is that my wife and daughter come out, really, just 10, 15 seconds after the break in occurs," he said. "The guys had just pulled off. It's fairly interesting and scary."

    More than 50 third-row seats were stolen this summer in Dallas and the Park Cities.

    Highland Park police arrested two thieves in the act in August, and the thefts seemed to slow down.

    Police said the latest burglary is further proof that more than one group is targeting third-row seating in Dallas.