Tarrant County

40-Year-Old Tarrant County Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Aggravated Robbery

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

A Tarrant County jury sentenced a 40-year-old man to life in prison for aggravated robbery on Thursday.

According to officials, Jeremiah Stevenson went to a Valero store last year and demanded money.

Police said Stevenson shot at the clerk and missed before grabbing cash from the register and a pack of cigarettes. He then fled the convenience store.

After his arrest, while Stevenson was being held at the Lon Evans Corrections Center in Fort Worth, he used a fire extinguisher to escape from a 5th-floor window, the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office said.


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According to officials, he used a fire hose to traverse down the outside wall to the street below, but was captured minutes later and taken into custody.

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