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3 Rockwall Kids Raise Thousands to Fight Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to recognize kids who raised more than $11,000



    Amp It Up for the Cure Team Raises $11K

    Audrey, Megan and Preston formed Amp It Up for the Cure and their team raised $11,000 for type 1 diabetes research during the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk over the weekend. (Published Monday, Oct. 1, 2012)

    Three Rockwall grade-school children are getting recognized for their efforts to help fight Type 1 diabetes.

    Audrey Wirtzberger, Meghan Hughes and Preston Chandler recently got top honors for raising more than $11,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

    Audrey, Meghan and Preston -- Team AMP It Up For a Cure -- all have Type 1 diabetes.

    "It's important what we're doing, to help us find a cure in the future," Audrey said. "It's my life support."

    The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will recognize Team AMP in November for being one of two groups to raise the most money and have the most participants at a recent walk.

    Caroline Chandler said her son has been battling the disease for three years.

    "There's no cure. There's nothing the kids did -- they didn't overeat, they didn't sit on the couch all day," she said. "Their pancreas just stopped working.

    Tracey Hughes said she remembers when she got the news about her daughter, Megan, just two months ago.

    "It was extremely scary because it is a disease that there is no cure and it's something she will have to deal with her entire life," she said.

    Despite the tough balancing act between carbohydrates and multiple insulin shots, Audrey, Meghan and Preston try to keep their heads up and focus on being kids.

    "I know it's changed my whole life, and it's something I'm not worried about," Meghan said. " It's something new for me to work on."