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Complete coverage of the West Nile virus in North Texas

How to Fight Off Mosquitoes



    Fear of West Nile Virus has North Texans turning to professional and do-it-yourself remedies for mosquitoes. (Published Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012)

    The owner of a mosquito-control business says he is seeing more business this year as worries about West Nile virus grows.

    Dallas said Monday that a man in his 60s had died of the virus. The death is the first West Nile virus death in North Texas this year.

    Matt Coburn, owner of Mosquito Force, said he is receiving three times as many calls this year as compared to past years.

    Coburn said misters that push repellant out around the property is the best way to protect a home from mosquitoes.

    He also said bug control spray that attaches to a hose can last on lawns for weeks and help keep mosquitoes away. But he said that, in his experience, citronella candles don't work very well.

    Personal devices that fan out repellant and can be clipped onto clothing are also available.

    Coburn recommends a mosquito dunk for any areas in a yard with standing water.

    "It's a larvicide to get rid of mosquitoes in breeding sites," he said. "You put it in your French drains, in a bird bath, that's got standing water."

    He also said that light-colored clothing doesn't attract mosquitoes as much and said people should wear long sleeves at dusk and dawn.

    Coburn said people should be aware of their neighbors. If people notice a neighbor's pool isn't being cleaned often and could have standing water, they should discuss it with their neighbor because it could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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